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Sample Designs

Check out some album designs done by our designers!

Design Options

AlbumLand's design team focus' on complete custom design; they do not use template slots or any design software. All your images will be assessed and positioned into a layout that will make you feel like the celebrity your photographer intended. All the detail is created using special tools in Photoshop software.

Below is what we need from you to complete your design:

  1. First things first, if you have pictures from a professional photographer please be sure you send us the copy rights to your photos. If you do not have a file for Copy Rights, please let us know the agreement you and your photographer agreed on.
  2. We need all original files which have been taken from your camera or received from your photographer to be at a high resolution input between 240-300DP.
  3. Choose and arrange in sequence the images you wish to use. For chronicle order, rename the files as "photo_0001, photo0002" Or make individual folders.
  4. Suggested file quantities; Send us 3x the amount with the # of sides/pages you choose. For example 30sides (15pages) x3=90 pictures, few more or less will be fine.
  5. Custom text, such as names, poems etc must be submitted with correct spelling. AlbumLand will not be responsible for the result of spelling mistakes.
  6. After your 2nd revision/changes from the first design, an additional service charge may come in affect.
  7. If you have specific requirements or suggestions before we start the design, feel free to let us know.

This option is for those who wish to do the design layout yourself. AlbumLand does not have any design software available to design an album yourself. We highly recommend not choosing this option unless you are intermediate level with Photoshop, or your photographer has already chosen a design layout for you.

Below are a few requirements we need for making your album perfect.

  1. Your digital files must be a Hi-Resolution output between 240-300 DPI, color corrected if you wish and save as JPEGS.
  2. Send us proper sized files. Example, if you are doing a 10x10 album, be sure to save it as 20x10 or 8x12- 16x12 file etc.
  3. Use our trimming guide line template before starting your design layout. Our guideline template shows where we will cut and where the gutter down the middle of the page is.
  4. Send us your cameo (front 3x3image on the album) picture and save the file name as "cameo" so we know to use that image for the front of the album.
  5. Send us your completed design, we will check over the details and send you a proof for approval to print.
  6. Here is what we look for when proofing your album, please be sure you use this check list as well: -Image border lines -Special effect/filter errors -Sharpness, Grainy -Inadequate content (e.g., visible bra) -Typos - Red eyes - Brightness
  7. After album design is approved by YOU, allow 2-3 weeks for processing and shipped to you.
Click here for more information on designing an album
Design Service
Design Price
Basic Design Fee   $5.00 per side
After 3rd revision   a fee of $5.00 per side is added to a separate invoice.
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