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>> Scanning and scaling an image?

When scanning an image, it's best to work with the original slides or negatives. When scanning prints, we highly recommend that you are scanning no less than 250dpi or higher; results in a better print quality. Some local photo stores (i.e. London Drugs, Costco) can scan any negatives or slides at the resolution needed for print quality.

It is important to know what you intend to use your image for before you scan it or take the picture. As we mentioned above, you will need a higher resolution file for printing.

First, to determine the necessary pixel resolution for printing to a required print size, multiply the length and width of your preferred print size (in inches) by 300. This formula will give you the pixel resolution that you need to have to print to your required size with the best photo quality.

>> Where can I find your guideline templates?

We highly recommend using our guideline templates for approx. trim lines and gutters. This templates will show you our 'safe' zone and where we will cut during album production and printing. We have specific templates for different size and number of pages for an album. Be sure to contact customer service for these templates.

>> Does AlbumLand have designing software?

Album Land does not offer a design software option. You can find free or purchased software's on the web; we suggest doing your homework before buying any software to be sure it has all the capabilities you wish to use when designing your albums.

>> How to send an image?

First, register as a member of AlbumLand
Once logged in you may go through shop and choose an album you wish to make, either upon payment or after payment there is an option to upload photos through there
Categorize your images in each folder with a distinctive theme (ie. ceremony Folder, getting Ready folder, reception photo). If you need to create folders, please do so. Make sure to name the folders in sequence, to correspond with the album you want to make.

>> Why you need a professional designer?

Let's face it, designing an album isn't easy; leave it our professional design team to design your perfect album for you. All your images will be assessed and positioned into a layout that will make you feel like the celebrity your photographer intended.

>> How long will it take?

If you have chosen Albumland to do the design, after it is approved and we have permission to print from you; the process to complete the album will take roughly 4 weeks.
If you have designed the album and it is approved to print after the proofing stages; the process to complete the album will take roughly 3 weeks.
If you are in rush and would like to prioritize the process, just let designer know when you approve of the album design!

Can't find the answers you're looking for? Feel free to contact our customer service!

Toll free: 1-877495-0869
Local calls: 604-521-8993
Or by email in MyPage under your message board (once logged in).

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